25 July 2008

Here we, here we, here we fucking go...

Easter Sunday 2008


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2 September 2007

"I kept so many old things/
And never quite stopped hoping."

8 June 2007

Mainstream match-up.

7 May 2007

An open letter to my MP.

4 May 2007

11 March 2007

In the event of fire, do not use elevator.

16 February 2007

Leave it, Hiroshi-san, he's not worth it.

14 February 2007

A DS puzzle-game round-up for Valentine's Day, because I love you all.

2 February 2007

"Running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday/
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday"

25 December 2006

Ascending Christmas Steps.

29 November 2006

A song to learn and sing.

30 October 2006

So You Want To Be A Games Journalist?

7 October 2006

Double Servings.

24 September 2006

A sense of closure.

18 August 2006

Cultural aware(z)ness.

15 August 2006

Choking away the memories of failure.

14 July 2006

The official WoS Tribute To World Cup 2006, courtesy of your host and the ace Dr. A.

14 June 2006

Sense and Sensible-ity. (Sorry.)

5 June 2006

Stu's Super Summer Triple Trip, Part 3.

4 June 2006

Stu's Super Summer Triple Trip, Part 2.

3 June 2006

Stu's Super Summer Triple Trip, Part 1.

24 May 2006

WoS - official home of Goal Club!

6 May 2006

Batman stamping on a human face forever.

14 April 2006

Barrel-end, more like. (Warning: contains fruitier language than usual.)

7 April 2006

Looking through my hard drive for something totally unrelated, stumbled across possibly the creepiest and most disturbing videogame screenshot of all time.

3 April 2006

"Ba-ba-ba-baaa, who loves the Sun?"

18 March 2006

How else do you characterise "depth", other than as a measure of immersion?

24 February 2006

Cannon Fodder 2 The Untold Story: Epilogue

23 February 2006

Lost? Confused? Befuddled? Dirt-poor? Then you may well need the Official WoS Semi-Complete Guide To Poker For Idiots.

20 February 2006

Touching Zombies Is Disgusting.

15 February 2006

Days Out With WoS #2: Battle Not With Monsters.

15 January 2006

"What I Did On My Holidays", by Stuart Campbell, aged 38.

24 December 2005

One last shmup for Christmas.

13 December 2005

An embarrassing pun heralds the unveiling of the WoS Game Of The Year 2005!

8 December 2005

Update, and a slightly new look, for One Line World. The more exciting news, though, is that from here on in, OLW will feature a new review every single day. Unless I run out of games, obviously. Which isn't very likely.

15 November 2005

Last night, I went to see Sandman author Neil Gaiman give a reading of his new novel at Waterstones, and learned something I didn't know about a PC game. Weird!

13 November 2005

Photo-feature: "Travels With Trashman"

15 October 2005

Some more single-stringed updates.

25 September 2005

I really wanted this one to have some more pictures. Oh well.

9 September 2005

The final instalment of "The Now Pretty Damn Comprehensively-Told Story". If there's anything left that you want to know about Cannon Fodder 2, you're on your own.

8 September 2005

It's getting less and less accurate to be describing this story as "untold". More like "The Three-Quarters-Told Story".

7 September 2005

The Untold Story, Part 2.

6 September 2005

Telling the untold story.

4 September 2005

Thunder, Lightning, Strike.

2 September 2005

A full-length review? Blimey!

30 August 2005

As Morrissey once wisely said, such a little thing can make such a big difference.

27 August 2005

A sudden, inexplicable more-than-doubling in size for One Line World.

23 August 2005

Well, what d'you know? It IS possible for a beer to be too chilled after all.

18 August 2005

Days out with WoS #1.

17 August 2005

An overdue update.

13 August 2005

Some people shouldn't be allowed near beautiful things.

24 July 2005


14 July 2005

Photo-feature: "Bright Signs (Don't Do It)"

12 July 2005

Photo-feature: "Me And My Shadow"

11 July 2005

I call this one "This Is Britain".

2 July 2005

Pinball Dreams, so hard to beat.

30 June 2005

Are videogames art? A definitive answer at last to the age-old argument. The difference is, this one's in under 1,000 words!

27 June 2005

Stu's Glastonbury Diary.

21 June 2005

Gimme some truth.

18 June 2005

Little reviews: elsewhere.

12 May 2005

Because music is bigger than words, and wider than pictures.

11 May 2005

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. And, in keeping with that theme, there's also an exciting and dynamic new WoS sidebanner courtesy of the often-splendid J Walker.

10 May 2005

Join the Campaign for More Acronyms.

4 May 2005

I was going to bang on about the election, when I stumbled across this classic movie (20MB Realplayer version - email if you're interested in the full-length one), that summed up the situation we're all in much more precisely than I could have.

The phone box (red, helpfully) represents another big Labour majority. The bloke in the suit is all of us. What happens in the film is where we're all going if we don't do something about it tomorrow.

Vote, chums. Please. Vote tactically, even if it means doing the unthinkable and voting for a Tory this time (don't worry, they can't get a majority, Blair is just lying because he's scared). Don't cynic out of it because you think they're all the same. Don't vote on trivial "local issues". Vote for a government. Nothing less than our freedom is at stake.

28 April 2005

Not playing World Of Fucking Warcraft a prerequisite. Really ought to go without saying, shouldn't it? Bloody nerds.

12 April 2005

You ARE all keeping track of your WoS Challenge Points, aren't you?

3 April 2005

Viewers! Go and see this. That is all.

29 March 2005

But sometimes the answer is in the place you least expect it.

28 March 2005

You have to look closely if you want to do the job properly, viewers.

14 March 2005

A review? Blimey, it's been a while.

5 March 2005

The New Games Journalism.

26 February 2005

It. Is. Done.
Stand by.

20 February 2005

Shortly before I die of moving-related exhaustion, I'd like to say a few words about The Go! Team live. Unfortunately, those words haven't been invented yet. I'll get back to you when they have. In the meantime, imagine the six best bands in the world all playing at once, each trying to drown out the others with volume loud enough to bruise lead bars, with the whole thing fronted by Missy Elliot's little sister on a massive Sunny D rush. Then stop imagining it and go and see them. Kill everyone in your way if you have to. Tell the judge I said it'd be okay. He'll understand.

10 February 2005

Okay, several weeks. The end is in sight.

11 January 2005

Happy Different Year! The lack of recent WoS updates is a result of your reporter having to move house for the first time in over 11 years, and all the preparation, chaos and terrifying expense that entails. Accordingly, new features may remain thin on the ground for the next two weeks or so until it's all over and done with. Apologies.

25 December 2004

Merry Christmas, viewers.

16 December 2004

A chance to help make your reporter's life more complete, and get INCREDIBLY RICH at the same time. Maybe.

5 December 2004

WoS slashes boldly through the language barrier once again. For you.

29 November 2004

Help. Does anyone know how to stop singing this, please?

28 November 2004

You know how sometimes you can go around for months, occasionally hearing a song in the background as you pass somewhere and idly thinking "That's quite a nice tune", then one day you actually listen to it properly and realise it's a work of total genius, a stunningly beautiful pop take on the exact same theme as Dexy's Midnight Runners' wondrous "This Is What She's Like", and you just sit there with your jaw on the floor and a big lump in your throat? Well, one of those.

21 November 2004

Get your radio (Game Boy) on.

20 November 2004

"Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?"

14 November 2004

Yet another world-scooping exclusive for WoS, with the web's first review of Metal Slug Advance on the GBA. Also smartened up some old features to look nicer in Firefox, which your reporter has finally conceded is the Browser Of Champions. Even if the text size is still screwed up.

7 November 2004

Uncovering a strange old skeleton in the Gradius family closet.

3 November 2004

I feel like Charlton Heston at the end of "Planet Of The Apes". Thanks, America.

17 October 2004

Long-overdue main-archive update, to include the last 10 months of Emulation Zone columns from PC Zone.

9 October 2004

There's Treasure Everywhere.

26 September 2004

Has a week of intense play cost OutRun 2 any of its magic? Let's find out.

20 September 2004 (12.57am, trivia fans)

Incredibly, WoS scoops the world yet again, with the first review anywhere on the planet of Xbox OutRun 2. Man! WoS rules!

3 September 2004

Added the Deadeye Virtual Arcade.

31 August 2004

For ease of use and reference, compiled and added the collected investigations of Mystery Reporter X into the Industry Trust For IP Awareness Limited's dodgy anti-piracy campaign (see the feature below).

29 August 2004

Of course, piracy has caused some bad things too.

19 August 2004

Yet another reason why videogame piracy is actually good, not bad like you thought.

18 August 2004

Information Retrieval.

17 August 2004

Completed a major site overhaul for easier, faster browsing. Thanks to all viewers who assisted with beta-testing.

15 August 2004

The secret origin of Stu's Super Puzzle Challenge (see below).

14 August 2004

Stu's Super Puzzle Challenge #1.

10 August 2004

Fantasy Pop Video Storyboard #2.

5 August 2004

There's a fine line between brilliant and rubbish.

2 August 2004

Citizens of the Empire! Come to glorious Great Britain!

26 July 2004

Sometimes, you've just got to come right out and say the unsayable.

21 July 2004

A word to the wise, viewers: Wherever you go, there you are.

15 July 2004

Some handy free advice for budding videogame developers. Beyond the obvious and more sensible "Get a proper job instead", of course.

13 July 2004

Now there is another one of it.

9 July 2004

To Future's shame, Driv3rgate continues. (Also updated 10 July.)

27 June 2004

Another reason why you can't trust videogames magazines.

26 June 2004

What the Driver 3 scandal really means to the nation's gamers.

24 June 2004

Moved and revised the Emulators For Xbox section to include several new emus and lots of updated ones. Still the only place on the entire Internet, as far as I know, where you can download Xbox emulators directly, without all that tedious noncing around with IRC, FTP etc.

22 June 2004

Fancy a challenge?

16 June 2004

The real "English Disease".

15 June 2004

Apologies for recent downtime on the front page, which was due to Pipex rubbishness. The remedial measures may have caused a few files to go missing, so please email if you find any broken links. Ta.

9 June 2004

Following a flood of mail about Big Songs For Little Attention Spans, WoS is proud to present its first-ever guest feature.

8 June 2004

Updated the main archive with the last few of my columns for Indie magazine. They're the last because Indie Publishing doesn't like to pay its contributors, and after having failed to cough up the agreed fee for the column for the last 15 months, they fired me when I dared to press them on the matter. Stay tuned for court updates.

7 June 2004

Donations to the WoS tips jar may (and by "may" I mean "definitely") have dried up somewhat after the initial flurry, but there's still enough coppers left in it to buy a few more budget-priced games to review. Today: a world first, no less, on new sort-of sequel Sega Ages Out Run.

6 June 2004

I confirm, from further investigation at Bath's celebrated Moles last night, that this is still the finest band which is currently operating in the UK.

Unrelatedly, why don't they make Still Coke? It'd be great.

25 May 2004

The opposite of mass-market appeal.

21 May 2004

More great songs, but a bit longer this time.

20 May 2004

A magnificent triumph for cultural efficiency.

4 May 2004

Swindle? It's a(nother) swindle.

2 May 2004

Standing in the shadows.

25 April 2004

The time is right to do it now.

23 April 2004

Here's a little bonus room.

20 April 2004

You are, like, a hurricane.

17 April 2004

Videogames History Is Rubbish.

9 April 2004

Easter review/blood'n'guts action special: it's Mel Gibson's Christ-O-Geddon.

7 April 2004

The Real World (Of Stuart).

6 April 2004

He might have been a hero to millions, but it turns out he did mean something to me too.

2 April 2004

As if there was ever even a competition, really.

31 March 2004

While messing around with a Macintosh emulator, I stumbled across my original draft of the Sensible World Of Soccer manual from 1994. What was I thinking?

23 March 2004

Wise words from the now generation.

20 March 2004

Stuff That Everyone Else Knew Months Ago Department.

18 March 2004

Still more reviewing, and still there's even more Space Invaders.

17 March 2004

Followed by #3: R-Type Final.

16 March 2004

And close behind it, here's the second one: Virtua Racing Flat Out.

15 March 2004

In the light of a slightly better-than-expected response to the World Of Stuart tips jar, it seemed a nice idea to put up reviews of some of the things your generously-donated cash has so far been spent on. So here's the first one (of them), Taito's Space Invaders: Invasion Day.

14 March 2004

After the recent shortage of updates, caused by a life of epic chaos, excitement, trauma and chaos again, a new offering exploring the future of the gaming market. I'm so sick of installing this new PC.

3 March 2004

How come you can make both your eyes look "inwards" (ie at your nose) at the same time, but not outwards?

28 February 2004

Added Search facility for thrillingly enhanced functionality.

26 February 2004

After pondering the entry below, added a World Of Stuart tips jar, as an optimistic piece of barefaced scamming for cash.

25 February 2004

After a brief interlude of actually earning a living, normal WoS service is resumed with more top-quality free videogames journalism, this time in the form of an exciting article on plagiarism.

15 February 2004

Added a feature on Eugene Jarvis' under-appreciated Cruis'n series of games, originally written for acceptably fine webzine Way Of The Rodent's tribute special to the great man, but now featuring an extra screenshot AND all-new, exclusive-to-WoS captions!

Also finally fixed (I think) different-browser text-size discrepancies, and made several tweaks for enhanced prettiness/readability.

13 February 2004

Why videogames magazines are dying, and nobody cares.

11 February 2004

Snack your bitch up.

10 February 2004

Well, that ended up taking a lot more of my day than I'd planned.

4 February 2004

For the benefit of a viewer, added the previously-unseen second incarnation of The Gentlemen's MAME Parlour, as far more skilfully re-imagined by that ecumenical cat, The Pope.

2 February 2004

RIP Muhammad Ally

29 January 2004

Thanks to an alert forum reader for pointing me towards this little excellently stupid bullet-dodging game. Your high-score to beat: 37.184 seconds. Pics to the forum if you can do better.

28 January 2004

One of the finest games in the history of humankind, cruelly killed by morons, is resurrected at last.

26 January 2004

Replaced Emulation Zone columns in PC Zone section with all-new, ultra-glamorous dedicated Emu Zone minisite.

23 January 2004

Sometimes, though, humans are good.

20 January 2004

After all the recent excitement, something approaching normal service is resumed, with the Indie and PC Zone sections of the main archive brought up to date with the inclusion of several new articles. "Between Planets" section also added to the main yellow sidebar.

17 January 2004

Don't forget your great WoS free trainspotting game, viewers!

16 January 2004

Ever wondered how it all began?

13 January 2004

Sometimes, even I get a little tired of being libelled by idiot liars.

12 January 2004

World Of Stuart smashes through the 300,000 visitors barrier. You'd think that there'd be some kind of fantastic extra-special thing to commemorate a landmark like that, and all there actually is today is a stupid comment about The Two Ronnies. Tch.

11 January 2004

Metal Slug 5: Why I Hate Capitalism.

9 January 2004

"There is nothing whatever about the incident or the report that fails to be excellent", says J Nash, with his usual unerring accuracy.

The exciting World Of Stuart "Spot The Difference" Competition!

8 January 2004

"And people like you/Make me feel so old inside/
When will you die?"

2 January 2004

Thinking Too Much About Pop Music #3554.

29 December 2003

I love the week after Christmas.

14 December 2003

"Billy Squirrel and Susie Squirrel got married..."

13 December 2003

Updated my Party Animal pinball table port to "2003 Edition" with a complete graphical overhaul. Download it from the Visual Pinball section.

3 December 2003

Righted a wrong.

29 November 2003

Exciting new front-page look (again), and added Songs For Your Heart To Sing section, which is just a big list of great songs for people who like the same sort of stuff as me, and will be updated ongoingly for everyone else who's finally given up on the NME.

17 November 2003

Yet more thrilling new content added: Digiworld offline archive, and The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle Pinball - 2003 Edition. This isn't how you're supposed to do a blog at all.

11 November 2003

To commemorate old soldiers everywhere, a major new update to the World, adding over 500MB of downloads. In the box over to the right, you'll find three new additions - fruit machine downloads, pinball downloads and MAME bezel downloads. (Also new: Miscellany section.) 

28 October 2003

To get the new-look WoS off to an especially tremendous start, we've got something a little special for you...



October 28 2003

New look for front page, updated Indie section.

April 24 2003

Added 58 "Devil's Advocate" columns to CTW section.

April 23 2003

Added Gamer.tv section, which I'd totally forgotten about.

March 18 2003

Lots of updates (particularly PC Zone), added Indie section.

August 13 2001

Updated CTW and Digitiser sections, added PC Zone.

March 27 2001

Added some lost classics to PC Gamer, Wired and SFX sections, updated Digitiser and Engine, added new Highlights/Themes pages.

February 24 2001

Added WoS Exclusives section

January 26 2001

Added biography page and smartened up the Digitiser section with some nice graphics.

December 21 2000

Added some pretty backgrounds to the main mag pages.  Added a dozen or so Front features I'd previously overlooked.

December 18 2000

Brought Digitiser and CTW archives up to date, added six new sections to main page, and updated download archive.

June 18 2000

Brought Digitiser and CTW archives up to date, and added link to Stu's Excellent World Of Pocketeers

February 10 2000

Thanks to the technical wizardry of J Nash, added Scorpion Software page, featuring downloads of several games written by me.

September 2 1999

Added Highlights section, more fixes.

September 1 1999

Official opening

Tuesday August 31 1999

First version uploaded.