World Of Stuart is a free archive, and will always remain so. But we've all got bills to pay, (what, you think the hundreds of megs of webspace for all those MAME bezels alone comes from the Webspace Fairy?) and several viewers have over the years asked if they can make a donation in return for enjoying all the free content supplied on the site (as opposed to all the stuff that's appeared in print magazines, and which someone else has hence already paid for). So now you can. There's no obligation whatsoever, although if you make a one-off monetary contribution to the upkeep of WoS, by clicking the buttons above, you do get a slightly crap bonus rarity which is exclusive to donators. Ooh!

(It's also separately possible to take out a Wos Subscription for a regular payment of 2 a month, which entitles you to various other bonus items exclusive to subscribers.)

Given the atrocious journalistic standards of commercial videogames magazines costing 6 a shot (and the pop-up-riddled purgatory of many free gaming sites), you may feel that a small donation to WoS represents a worthwhile investment in securing the future of a source of fractionally less soul-destroying games writing. On the other hand, you may feel that the very presence of this page amounts to little more than an electronic version of some filthy crusty on the street demanding your spare change to spend on Levellers records and henna tattoos. That dilemma is one for your conscience alone.

There is no known immediate threat to the continued existence of World Of Stuart, and your donation will almost certainly not make any difference to whether the site survives or not.  What it will enable your reporter to do is buy an extra packet of Golden Wonder Sausage & Tomato crisps from time to time, or some Fox's Glacier Fruits to make delicious speciality vodkas with, and hence create a small but perceptible rise in the world's cumulative levels of happiness and wellbeing. The choice is yours.


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