25th Anniversary Commemorative Edition.

This is the default graphics option.

After rambling on at uncontrollable length last week about the movie and soundtrack album of the 1979 Sex Pistols "documentary" The Great Rock'nRoll Swindle, it occurred to your reporter that this year marks a quarter of a century since the film's release. So what could possibly be a better way to celebrate such an important cultural landmark than to knock out a quick update to your correspondent's original Visual Pinball table of the same name? Probably several things, but that's what you've got anyway. It's free, so shut up.

The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle Pinball is a fast-moving table modelled after the classic pins of the 1980s, such as Williams' "The Getaway" and Bally's "Party Animal". It's simple to play, but packed with exciting features to discover and (Snip! - Ed.)

To change the graphics, click the "Script" box in the editor and read the instructions.

You'll need a copy of the VP editor program, which can be found here, then a copy of the table file itself, which is here. Then all you need to do is unzip both files into a folder, start up VP and open the table. Full instructions for playing the game are included separately in a Word document in the zip file.

If you've previously downloaded the 2003 edition of Swindle, the only significant changes are a new backdrop option (the one in the picture at the top of this page) and some small adjustments to the table itself, so if you don't fancy the 11MB download, that's what you're missing. If you only had one of the earlier releases, the table's had a complete graphical overhaul since then and is well worth re-downloading, in the author's humblish opinion. And obviously, if you've never seen it before at all, you're hopefully in for some fun.

There are 25 main combinations of table graphics and backdrops.

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