Narrowcast marketing in extremis.

Viewers! Do you use the excellent Game Boy Advance emulator Visual Boy Advance?

If not, leave now.

Is your desktop display commonly set to the resolution 1280x1024?

If not, leave now.

Do you find it dull and/or depressing to use the emulator in its default window, surrounded by all manner of distracting desktop clutter (below)?

If not, leave now.

Would you prefer to use the emulator against a screen-filling backdrop taken from the popular miniature-racing game Micro Machines, giving the impression that you were, rudely, playing with your GBA SP at the breakfast table, next to a rather small satsuma and an unusually diminutive waffle?

If not, leave now.

If you'd rather play with Visual Boy Advance in an environment like the extravagant and stylish one pictured at the bottom of this page (go on, have a quick peek), then take the following steps:

Download the "skin" file created by your courageous reporter, from here.

2. Unzip it into your Visual Boy Advance folder.

3. In the emulator's Options>>Video>>Render Method menu, ensure you've chosen "Direct Draw".

4. In the same menu, check the "Use Skin" option, then go to "Select Skin" and navigate to the file in your VBA folder called "spmm.ini". At this point you may have to drag the picture into the correct position on your screen.

5. To ensure the file doesn't affect the emu's smooth operation, go to the Options>>Priority menu and select "Above Normal".

The emulator in operation should now look as below (use right-click on the mouse to access the options), and will automatically boot up in such a style, in the correct screen position, every time you run the emulator from then on, causing great joy and contentment to all in the immediate vicinity.

Feel free to edit the picture surround in entertaining and clever ways of your own devising, (using any standard graphics program, and leaving only the actual game-screen area untouched) and, ideally, send them in to WoS for the enjoyment and edification of your reporter and other viewers.

Regardless of your earlier choices, you should leave now.

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