Hooray, hooray, it's a holi-holiday!

As alert viewers will have noticed, it's summer. And accordingly, your reporter's thoughts turn to the idea of a holiday. Now, here at World Of Stuart we're not fans of your Ayia Napas, your Greek islands and your Costa del Chavs. It's too darn hot right here in Britain, without going any closer to the equator. So your intrepid correspondent, a veteran of many a fine British seaside holiday, decided to take a look around the coast of Her Majesty's United Kingdom for somewhere previously unvisited, where your (soon-to-be) roving reporter and a close personal friend could spend a few days in the fresh salty air.

On this page, you'll find the tempting array of delights laid out for him by the OFFICIAL tourism sites of some of this sceptred isle's top resorts.

PLEASE NOTE: Every single picture here is an unedited shot from a real, official tourist site of the place concerned (ie it's not "Pictures of Bridlington, brought to you by the Scarborough Tourist Board"). In nearly all cases, these are the first and/or best pictures offered by the sites as reasons to visit their town.

The opening salvo in this East-coast jewel's tourist-luring bombardment.


Bridlington not happening enough? Why not head just a little further
South, for the bustling metropolitan thrills of dear old Skeggy?


Well, the East coast is too cold anyway, no wonder nobody invests much effort in attracting people there. Let's switch over to the West. That's where the action is!

(And Morecambe's not resting on its laurels, either! Development continues apace!)


Okay, so much for the West. I wonder where all the glamorous people
from London go when they fancy a day or two at the beach?

And hey, when you've only got room for half-a-dozen pics on your website,
you can't blame them for selecting only the very finest. The pier is open!


Wait, no. The pastoral beauty of Wales is the way. Yes. Here's Wales' largest resort.


Perhaps if we get nearer to the Continent, there will be more European glamour.

It's not just the Theatre for kicks in Margate, though!
"The interesting parish church, St John, has many brasses."


Enough of these pleb-havens. Clearly, we need to be sampling the
decadent cosmopolitan bohemia of the sophisticated South coast instead.


Hang on, we missed another fantastic North-East resort, arguably
the most famous of them all. Surely it must be the best of the lot!


Yes, it would appear that it is.



Apparently, tourism in Britain is on the decline. Quick, someone call Sherlock Holmes.

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