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This is, as far as I'm able to ascertain, a complete and definitive (except see NOTES below) listing of all the Pocketeers/Tomy Pocket Games/Pocketfuls in existence. (The "Y" symbols denote my own personal collection - "Y" for a good-condition model, and "y" for one in poorer condition. If you can fill in any of the gaps, provide any missing pictures or replace any of the "y" games with ones in better condition, then please drop me a line. Cash paid, or trades available.)






Angler   Pocket Fishing Y    
Basketball (1)          
Basketball (2)   Clown Catcher Y    
    Baseball Y    
Big Hit Y Batting Practice      
Blowpipe Y        
Bombard   Shooting Gallery Y    
    Bowling Y    
    Burger Catch Y    
Casino   Casino   Poker (UK) Y
Cat ‘n’ Mouse          
    Cracked Crab y    
Cup Final Y Soccer   Basketball game  
Derby Day y Horsing Around y    
Drop ’n’ Catch   Secret Passage x2 Y Pac-Man, Marble Catch y,
Flick ‘n’ Spin   Pachinko Y    
    Flip Flop Faces   Robot Factory Y
Fruit Machine Y Pocket Slot Y    
Gobble Y Clam’s Casino Y    
        Golf Game  
Grand Prix   Speedway Y Stock Car Star (UK), Speedway (PF) , Y
    Home Run Baseball Y    
Las Vegas Y Dice Trap Y    
Letter Box Y Letter Loose Y    
Monkey Puzzle Y Seal Circus      
Moonshot Y        
Mutineer   Pocket Pop-Up Pirate      
Pile Up Y Moto Cross y    
Pinball   Tic-Tac-Score Y    
Pitfall y Touchdown Y Football (PF), Touchdown (UK) Y, Y
    Rack ‘Em Up Y    
Rally Y Pocket Rally      
Rat-A-Tat Y Bi-Plane Battle Y Copter Fight (PF)* Y
Rebound   Loop Shot Y    
Rock ‘n’ Roll Y        
Smurf Ball   Pass The Puck Y    
Smurf Look-a-Like   Kissing Game Y    
Smurf Hat Trick   Feed The Frogs, Lucky Ball   Ball Game, Lucky Ball (2) y, Y
Space Invader Y Space Invasion Y    
Splash Down Y Magnetarget   Catch A Caterpillar (PF) Y
Steeplechase Y Obstacle Course Y    
Stunt Bike   Space Shuttle Y    
    Target Range Y    
The Derby   The Derby      
Time Machine Y Election Y    
Time Trap Y Pocket Pachinko      
Time Up Y Time’s Up   Dragon Trap Y
Tremor   The Amazing Maze Game      
Wheel Of Fortune Y        
World Cup   Pro Soccer Y Big Match/Hot Shot Soccer  

Total 54 different games, 103 inc variations


MY SPARES (Caps represent very good condition)

Secret Passage, Dice Trap, HOME RUN BASEBALL, Shooting Gallery, ELECTION, Pass The Puck (x2), PASS THE PUCK,  SPEEDWAY, Pac-Man, DRAGON TRAP, TOUCHDOWN, Rat-a-Tat, Target Range, WHEEL OF FORTUNE,  Pocket Slot, Moto-Cross, MOTO-CROSS (x2), Poker, Tic-Tac-Score, Fruit Machine, SPACE INVADER