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ORIGIN: UK Pocketeer no. 31278 (1975)


GAMEPLAY: From the original batch of Pocketeers, and one of the few not to get a US release (oddly, considering the US's fondness for golf). One of the best, too - one of the few Pocketeers not played in the case, the box contains three pieces of golf course (the two not visible contain a bunker and a water hazard in the shape of colourful stickers) which interlock in many different ways to provide the player with a nine-hole golf course. The club fits into the stand-up golfer and swings to enable the player to hit the ball. Terrifically enjoyable, but very hard to find nowadays.


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Here's a pic of the game in play. The great thing about it is that the stickers really do represent a hazard, since their smooth shiny surface makes the ball move much more unpredictably than the felt surface of the "fairway".