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ORIGIN: UK Pocketeer no. 31336 (1978)

VARIANTS: Touchdown (US), Touchdown (UK), Football

GAMEPLAY: A test of your balancing skills. When you switch the timer button to "Start", the long white bar begins to climb steadily from the bottom of the screen, passing over the many variously-sized pits in the playfield. You have to roll the silver puck along the bar to keep it out of the pits, since there's no way of getting it back out if it lands in one. You can just make out the various scores attached to the different pits in the picture - obviously, the further you get, the more you tend to score. But the gaps between the pits get smaller too...


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VARIANT: Touchdown

ORIGIN: US Tomy Pocket Game

DIFFERENCES: Name, theme, colour and graphics. There are two other variants of this - the UK Tomy Pocket Game version of Touchdown looks like this one, but doesn't have the word "Touchdown" at the top of the case, and the MB Pocketfuls version is called "Football", also has nothing written at the top of the case, and is a darker shade of green.