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ORIGIN: UK Pocketeer no. 31325 (1976)

VARIANTS: Gone Fishin'

GAMEPLAY: Wind the timer up to rotate the "lake" in an anti-clockwise direction, then use the rod button to "hook" the fish into your basket. (Only the tip of the rod has a "hook" which knocks the fish into the basket - the fish pass harmlessly under the main body of the rod.) Score various point values for the flatfish (3pts), eels (4pts) and eels (5pts), but lose them for every boot (-5pts) you also land. The surface of the lake is covered in little ridges which cause the fish to move around unpredictably, and make this one of the most enjoyably challenging and  replayable Pocketeers.


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VARIANT: Gone Fishin'

ORIGIN: US Tomy Pocket Game

DIFFERENCES: Name and some slight graphics - the mountain range is a little more dramatic, and the fisherman is a less cartoony one than the UK version.