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Behind the pretty logos down the sides of the screen, you'll find some of the magazines I've worked for over the last 10 years or so. Click on the attractive and colourful mastheads to view a selection of articles (a selection of articles which were written by me, that is) from each publication.

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It's not (yet) a complete archive (for one thing, my own records are currently still missing quite a few files, especially Wired and SFX ones) and there's no real rhyme or reason to the selections - there might be dozens of pieces from one mag, and only a couple of little short snippets from another. There are also a couple of the publications who I only ever wrote one or two things for, but which I've included for breadth of style (or for purely nostalgic reasons - see the Melody Maker section, for example).

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Where editorial cherry-picking has occurred, it's usually in favour of including mostly feature articles, but there are lots of  review and news pieces too, and I've mostly chosen things that still make some kind of sense today without you having to rack your brains to remember who the MD of Commodore was in 1992.

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If they still don't make sense, it's probably an in-joke thing. Head over to the links page and click on "AP2". (I'd just put a link right here, if it weren't for technical reasons.) Somewhere among its myriad and labyrinthine passages, you may (or may not) find the answer. If not, it's probably something I just made up for a laugh.

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The versions featured here are the originally-submitted ones, free of the hideous indignities sometimes inflicted on them by subs before publication, but with all the original spelling mistakes, wild claims and stupid ideas left as they were. If the published versions differ very substantially from the ones included here, it'll usually be noted in the accompanying text.

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Dates are approximate and, on occasion, completely wrong. For technical reasons (ie I own a PC) I used to have to tell my computer that the date was anything up to two years earlier than it actually was, which has played havoc with all the date-stamping on the files. I've tried to put everything back to rights, but a few will undoubtedly have slipped through the net. If you should happen to spot any that you know the proper date for, do drop me a line and I'll try to remember to update the entry sometime within the following year or so.

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You'll have to pardon the unsophisticated visual stylings. What, you think I've got nothing better to do than sit here learning Javascript? It's hard enough keeping this pesky table vaguely evenly-proportioned, what with all the new sections and stuff I keep adding. All for the benefit of you, the readers, and at absolutely no cost save for your precious moments of irreplaceable time. I mean, there aren't even any adverts or anything.

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This site's main purpose is to lure unsuspecting fools into commissioning more of this stuff from me - hey, a guy's got to make a living - but feel free just to read it for your own amusement, as a nostalgia trip, or as a one-step instruction manual on how to become the most hated man in the videogames industry or something.

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Just don't, for example, steal the entire thing wholesale, put it on a CD and sell it. You know who you are.

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NOTE: All of the material contained in this site remains copyright. Unauthorised re-use of any kind is expressly (that's expressly) forbidden. If you want to re-use any of it (for Lord knows what bizarre reason), I'll almost certainly let you, as long as you ask first. You can contact me via the email address on the front page.