The Gentlemen's MAME Parlour - Committee Room

These are the minutes of the meetings of the Parlour Committee. It is asserted by the Secretary that they are a true and faithful record of the relevant proceedings.

31st and Final Day of December 1997

To welcome the coming year, the Committee proudly unveiled a further two new Gaming Rooms, dedicated respectively to the delightful and challenging games Kangaroo and Silkworm.

After much deliberation, the Committee amended the Rules regarding the submission of Scores Of Merit, in order to speed the entering and keeping of records for the benefit of Patrons.

Miss Toogs authorised the inclusion of a further entry in the Library, replacing an out-of-date volume.

Lord Stuart slightly raised his own previous standard in the arena of Mr. Do!

The Committee supervised the reappointing of the Hall Of Entry with the finest teak panelling.

25th Day of December 1997

After a convivial meeting of the Committee members at which a small glass of Port was taken by all in honour of the infant Jesus, the Committee proudly inaugurated the latest additions to the Parlour, in the shape of Gaming Rooms devoted to the fine games Mr. Do! and New Rally-X. The Committee owes grateful Acknowledgement for assistance in this matter to the gentleman Don Juan Carlos II, who as crowned sovereign of the colony of Spain requires no further endubment from the Committee.

After heartfelt representations from several patrons, the Committee also instituted a Memorial Wing of the Parlour, in which gaming rooms now closed to competition may be restored and viewed for posterity and amusement.

The gentleman Ron Nagel offered a further-improved performance in the Crazy Climber arena. Lord Stuart also improved on the inaugural high score in the 10 Yard Fight room, which also saw a commendable achievement by The Duke of Moon. The Committee also awaited documentation supporting two rival submissions regarding Frogger.

The Committee took under consideration a submitted blueprint on the subject of Green Beret/Rush'n Attack.

13th Day of December 1997

At the behest of the fine gentleman Erik Mooney, the Committee instructed the moribund 1942 room to be closed, and replaced by one designated for the pursuance of Challenge in the colonial sports game 10 Yard Fight. In recognition of his draughtsmanship in this matter, the Committee bestowed upon said gentleman the title The Duke of Moon.

Advancement of the recorded best score on Crazy Climber by the gentleman Ron Nagel was noted by the Committee.

Miss Toogs added a further publication to the Parlour's library of recommended reference works.

30th Day of November 1997

After a substantial sabbatical, the Parlour Committee instituted a new arena of challenge in tribute to the fine works of MAME 0.30, based upon the venerable game Berzerk. To afford the proper Balance, the Committee simultaneously closed down the defunct Bank Panic room.

The Committee observed that Baronet Crouton's highly commendable score on Galaxian was not yet Definitive, and could be improved upon by the attainment of the same score without loss of Life. It was decreed that a special Award would be bestowed on the first such performance.

The Committee also awaits documented confirmation of a number of submitted Achievements.


14th Day of October 1997

Several heightened scoremarks from numerous gentlemen were confirmed and recorded, including Arabian, Commando, Dig Dug and Pengo.

12th Day of October 1997

Several stout Labourers completed the construction of the Parlour's new Library wing, offering Patrons a wealth of reference material collected from around the globe by the Parlour's esteemed Librarian, Miss Kempley Toogs.

A number of decorative Renovations and further structural Corrections were also concluded.

The gentleman Robert Anschuetz was awarded the title of Viscount Orlando, for Honourable Conduct.

9th Day of October 1997

Baronet Crouton recorded a marvellous achievement, registering the maximum possible score in the Galaxian room. His achievement was blemished only by the sacrifice of a single Galaxip in his pursuit of Excellence. The only avenue open to gentlemen wishing to better this feat is, therefore, to equal said score without the loss of Life.

The good and faithful Baronet also assisted the Committee in correcting some potentially dangerous structural Flaws in the architecture of the Gaming Rooms.

Lord Stuart himself reached a superior ranking in the arenas of 1942 and Burger Time.

It was noted that Sir Jonathan had mooted several proposed reappointings of the Parlour's Gaming Rooms, which shall be considered by the Committee and acted on accordingly by the time of the next meeting.

4th Day of October 1997

Various gentlemen rightfully acclaimed new high scores in the Venture, 1942 and Time Pilot Gaming Rooms.

After an unfortunate Incident, the Parlour Committee redesignated the Wizard Of Wor room as a Tapper room, with appropriate new directives.

26th Day of September 1997

At the behest of several Patrons, the Parlour Committee elected to institute a series of Honours for those gentlemen whose accomplishments find particular favour with the members of the Committee. Henceforth, fitting titles shall on occasion be awarded to such gentlemen. All Honours shall be bestowed entirely at the Discretion of the Parlour Committee.

The first gentleman to be so elevated was the gentleman Mr Stuart Hunt, who for related services to the Parlour shall henceforth be known to all Members and Patrons as Baronet Crouton.

The Parlour Committee also requested Verification on a number of submitted Accomplishments.

The Secretary issued clarification of the criteria for Scores Of Merit.

Lord Stuart submitted increased high scores for Time Pilot and Crazy Climber.

23rd day of September 1997

Inaugural meeting.

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