Gaming Room No.17

Time Pilot

Applicable laws: (2), (4)

The gentleman shall strive above all else to bring Salvation to the fallen. Therefore, other concerns shall be made secondary to the business of rescuing the stricken pilots Parachuting towards the Earth. It shall not be permitted for the gentleman to deploy fire on opposing aircraft (such defence against all Bomb and Missile attack is, however, allowed) until such times as the gentleman has himself been smited unto death (or in the event of no Parachutists existing in the Era in question). Upon this occurrence, the gentleman shall immediately exact unwavering vengeance on the Enemy until all are fallen. On entering the next Era, the gentleman shall revert to the mission of rescue, and so forth.


1st 281,900 Lord Stuart

2nd 224,700 Peter Lord

3rd 192,220 Blue Peter

4th 181,930 Betty Blue

5th 93,410 Tom Betty

Documentation which is Required: Aftermath, as above

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