Gaming Room No.23


Applicable laws: (4), (5), (7)

Throughout the history of conflict, the Air Force has always been the home of the gentleman combatant. Fliers are charged above all else with the Protection of their ground forces, and so shall it be here. The gentleman shall embark upon a Two-player game, in which he controls Both vehicles under his command (this will require some Amendment of the control Settings), with both vehicles entering the Fray at the beginning of the first Stage. However, the gentleman's prime directive shall be the Protection of the Jeep. At the point at which the Jeep loses its final life, the challenge shall be ended, and the score taken. Howver, only the Helicopter's tally will be counted towards the final mark.


1st 25,200 Lord Stuart

2nd 25,100 Clark Kent

3rd 14,200 Bruce Wayne

4th 12,100 Peter Parker

5th 9,800 Armando Ianucci

Documentation which is Required: Frontline dispatch, which MUST show "Game Over" under the Jeep score (or under the Helicopter score, if the Jeep is still active).

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