Gaming Room No.21

Mr. Do!

Applicable laws: (4), (6), (7)

In times of War and economic stresses, the conspicuous consumption found in more decadent times must be set aside for the common good. It is fitting, then, that the gentleman's battle with the subterranean insurgency shall be undertaken with the minimum of damage to The Land's agricultural infrastructure. Accordingly, the gentleman shall consume no Cherries in his struggle with the Enemy, dispensing Justice only with the aid of his magical Ball, and by the use of natural Hazards in the form of the petrified Apples.


1st 34,000 Lord Stuart

2nd 24,810 Digger Barnes

3rd 19,790 JR Ewing

4th 18,220 Miss Ellie

5th 16,900 David Rappaport

Documentation which is Required: Honourable burial, as seen above. It should be noted that Enemies will occasionally consume fruit. The gentleman's honour is his bond in this matter.

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