Gaming Room No.19


Applicable laws: (3), (4), (7), (8), (9)

The gentleman shall not seek Advancement in his Profession with unseemly haste. It shall also be his duty to ensure the fullest possible levels of Service to his Patrons. As such, the proper test of a gentleman shall be the accumulation of points while remaining in the humblest of posts, namely the game's first Stage. Said Stage, however, must be completed to the satisfaction of all Customers, or the score shall be rendered Void.


1st 13,300 Lord Stuart

2nd 10,120 Sid James

3rd 9,990 Sid Vicious

4th 6,200 Sid Waddell

5th 2,640 Sid Snot

Documentation which is Required: A correctly-exposed pictorial record of the successful completion of the Stage, as above.

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