Gaming Room No.22

New Rally-X

Applicable laws: (1), (2)

The gentlemanly sport of point-to-point rally racing should rightfully not be sullied by the grubby Influences of commercial Sponsorship. The pursuit of rewards must not deflect the player from the correct sporting spirit. The Committee therefore deem it appropriate that gentlemen should avoid all offers of Lucre placed in his path. Specifically, the gentleman shall be expected to reach the Checkpoint marked by the "S" flag as the Last action of any given Stage. Furthermore, to ensure the triumph of Skill over mere Fortune, the "Lucky" flag designated by the letter "L" must be collected as the First action of each Stage.


1st 48,030 Lord Stuart

2nd 41,970 Marc Bolan

3rd 34,360 Ayrton Senna

4th 22,940 Roland Ratzenberger

5th 20,020 John Denver

Documentation which is Required: James Dean, as above

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