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A gentleman's lifestyle magazine, afflicted over this period by some terrible uncertainty of what sort of magazine it actually wanted to be, not helped by a procession of editors steadily worse than the awesome Rosie Boycott. Sorted itself out in the end, though.



A short piece on the stock-clearance sale of the portable Mega Drive/Mega CD console.

SHORT LIST 1 - July 1996

A monthly games column.

SHORT LIST 2 - August/September 1996

At this time, Esquire still followed a strange ten-issues-a-year publishing schedule.

SHORT LIST 3 - October 1996

A retro special.

SHORT LIST 4 - November 1996

The first Resident Evil shows up, and a one-word review of Pete Sampras Extreme.

SHORT LIST 5 - December 1996/January 1997

Mystifyingly, Esquire used to choose this time of year (a period during which most magazines see huge sales leaps) to have one of their two "skipped" issues.

SHORT LIST 6 - February 1997

Games which weren't really games.


The first revision of the Game Boy hardware since the machine's launch some eight years previous.

SHORT LIST 7 - March 1997

A load of driving games, and the mighty Tempest X.

SHORT LIST 8 - April 1997

A report from the Amusement Trade Exhibition International, ie lots of fighting and driving games.

SHORT LIST 9 - May 1997

Lots more racing games, plus the mighty ISS 64.

SHORT LIST 10 - June 1997

This column marked the start of a long period when Esquire just couldn't decide what they wanted to do with the section that the games column appeared in, resulting in endless changes of layout and space, and a lot of columns that got butchered by subs to make them fit, since the size of the column had changed betwen commissioning and publication. This month's column was shorter than previously.

SHORT LIST 11 - July 1997

Longer again.

SHORT LIST 12 - August/September 1997

A Star Wars special. First with the big stories as always.

SHORT LIST 13 - October 1997

Shorter again.

SHORT LIST 14 - November 1997

Even shorter.

SHORT LIST 15 - December 1997

This month's column featured a game about crashing into pillars in underground road tunnels, released the day before Princess Di's funeral.

SHORT LIST 16 - January/February 1998

Nothing very interesting happened this month.

SHORT LIST 17 - March 1998

Longer again.

SHORT LIST 18 - April 1998

A heavy concept piece, lavishly praised on delivery then utterly slaughtered by subs in the smallest column-space yet.

SHORT LIST 19 - May 1998

Enough was enough.