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If you thought the Sony Playstation was the last word in tiny cute videogames consoles, think again. The last word in tiny cute videogames consoles is, obviously, "consoles". No, hang on. The last word in tiny cute videogames consoles must surely be the Sega Multi-Mega. Yes, that's it. A combination unit containing a Mega Drive, Mega-CD and an entirely respectable portable CD player, the whole thing nevertheless weighs in at just a few ounces and takes up less than half the space of Sony's already-wee contender, making it easily the sexiest-looking games machine ever.

The Multi-Mega's actually been out for a couple of years, but a 350 price tag meant that it was asking too much of even the keenest appreciation of cuteness. Happily, though, Sega appear to have given up on it completely and offloaded their entire warehouse-full at bargain prices, meaning that you can now pick one up in your local Dixons for just 150 (with some specialist game stores going even lower). The cut has coincided with a nationwide clearance of Mega CD software (Comet, for example, are dumping stock at three titles for less than a tenner), and you even get one of the lovely little six-button Sega joypads that they don't make any more. If nothing else, it's got to be the world's coolest Walkman.

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