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SHORT LIST 2 - August/September 1996


Don't buy this hoping to relive the Grand Prix season - it's only got three real-life tracks, alongside three new made-up ones, to thrash your virtual Williams around. The game's original title, though, proves a better guide to what to expect - it's Monaco 2, the follow-up to Super Monaco GP, a smash on the Mega Drive and in the arcades several years ago. The Monte Carlo track is, correspondingly, the real attraction here, painstakingly reproduced with pleasingly solid graphics and hugely demanding to drive, and if you treat the other five as a side attraction, you'll have lots of fun with this simplistic but somehow convincing F1 sim.

(Sega, Sega Saturn, 39.99)



Ice hockey is a game that's been blessed with an inexplicably huge number of console conversions, given that (a) absolutely no-one in this country plays it, and (b) said games are all but indistinguishable from each other. Here's the latest in the same vein, a fast-moving and tricky effort boasting all your favourite (er...) NHLPA stars and everything you could ever ask for in an ice hockey game, except for the massive punch-ups every 30 seconds. So, about 50% of everything you could ever ask for in an ice hockey game, in fact.

(Sony, Sony Playstation, 44.99)



A ridiculously involved and unavoidable intro peppered with cringe-inducing Wikkid Dude characters is almost enough to put you off at the start, but if you can bring yourself to suffer it, the game on the other side is a shallow but entertaining tank blast through some city streets, reminiscent of Core's own Thunderhawk or the Atari Jaguar's unsung classic, Iron Soldier.

(Core, Sega Saturn, 44.99)



The latest in the massively long family line of this hugely popular beat-'em-up is something of a disappointment, featuring the limited range of the original coin-op (the hastily-released pseudo-sequel SFA 2 is a much more complete effort) combined with grotesque and unnecessary black borders at the top and bottom of the screen (symptom of a lazy NTSC-to-PAL conversion). If you're after a fighting game in this vein, hang around for the variously-named Vampire/Night Warriors/Dark Stalkers instead.

(Virgin, Sony Playstation/Sega Saturn, 44.99)



Celebrate the start of the new season with this Professional Footballers' Association licence, stapling together a spruced-up version of the old Manchester United football game with a series of video clips from, er, various PFA Player Of The Year awards ceremonies. Or rather don't, because the game is useless and the clips, bizarrely, are all of the players accepting their awards, rather than, for example, in exciting on-field action actually winning them. Less fun than a cruciate ligament injury.

(Philips, PC CD-ROM, 29.99) 

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