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SHORT LIST 14 - November 1997


Although it's been knocking around the US for well over a year, the Brit market has only just been introduced to this glorious TV show-styled quiz game, after an overhaul replacing the original American host with Paul "Dennis Pennis" Kaye. Luckily, DP doesn't make an appearance, and the razor-sharp script gets to be the star instead. The pacing is a quickfire delight, the presentation ultra-professional, the non-stop gags are top-drawer material (a first for video games, there), and as a multi-player after-the-pub event, there's almost no competition.

From BMG for PC, 30



Despite a title that screams "Ignore me!" at the top of its stupid voice (what IS it with the limpwits who name sports games? You don't see beat-'em-ups called "Bill Moron's Punching People In The Face Game", do you?), this is that rarest of birds, a tennis game with a new idea in it. The new idea is that if you manage to win all three of the game's initial tournaments, you get access to a special "future tennis" mode, with bizarre collectable items and power-ups, which is really entertaining. Otherwise it's tennis, but you can't have everything.

From VR Sports for PC, 35



As the Saturn's recent minor resurgence continues, gallant but all too late, the huge number of game fans blissfully unencumbered by PCs get their first opportunity to play this classic Doom derivative. Evil-looking pigs in police uniforms abound in a hellish urban scenario that even Travis Bickle would take a deep breath before entering. Peepshows, dodgy bookshops and X-rated cinemas are just a few of the places waiting for you and your chainsaw to come and wash the streets clean, in what's easily the cleverest and most fun game in an overcrowded genre.

From Sega for Saturn, 40



Meanwhile, this month's Driving Game Fashion is rallying again (next month: Out-Of-Town Shopping Trip), with a whole clutch of dirt-track racers cluttering the shelves. Sony's Rally Cross is the prettiest of the bunch, with some truly lovely tracks to chuck your 4x4 around in, but sadly the quest for "realism" makes the vehicles handle like overstocked fridges on a skidpan, and consequently the whole thing's no fun at all. Still, plenty of people prefer realism to fun in their video games (and in real life, too), so here's one for them.

From Sony for Playstation, 35

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