Bonus notes
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These are links and bits I compiled along the way, most of which are knitted into the main pages. (Not much of a bonus at all then.)



S Campbell (except one post only and no other S Campbell found; seems to demonstrate user deleted rather than topic, eg Babel pair above still have full post count while S Campbell in main thread tops 20) (NB: deffo right one, because 9065 is the link on the Sprouty Punished thread posts)

Original Infiltrate Gamesradar surviving excerpt source (I think)

Another Infiltrate excerpt source

Edge Dep Ed interview reffed in main thread (p5)

Microsoft certifier on rllmuk (reffed on p25)
Part 1 / Part 2

Purportedly a PM conv between a poster and a Driver 3 (PS2) programmer on rllmuk
Part 1 / Part 2

p31: "marvelharvey" (apparently a dev, not Driver) turns up

MCV bit ( copy only) (July 2nd) (ref p59)

UK Resistance (June 22nd) (ref p16)

Games Radar 2004-06-29 front page, with Driver 3 review as (er) ad link (link obv now dead because of doubleclick intercept, but can see rev by clicking Charts link instead -- this first appears on 2004-07-01 -- Ad link lasts as long as Driver 3 article is lead review, ie from 2004-06-29 to 2004-07-05 inclusive. Other lead revs do not appear to have ad links, eg prev 2004-06-28 Sonic Advance -- -- or next 2004-07-10 Shellshock --