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A weekly magazine, aiming at the same kind of ground as the Format titles. NCE was the first freelance work I did after starting at Future, and also the worst-paid work I've ever done. This stuff was bringing in about 6p a word, which you wouldn't get a monkey for these days. Even at Rapide.


GAMES WEEK 1 - June 1991

The upside of NCE's terrible pay was the fact that they had a magazine to fill every week, so they didn't care what I wrote as long as it took up two pages. The result was that Games Week copy was less interfered-with by idiot subs than practically anything I've ever written since. And as any writer knows, subs are their natural enemy, so that had to be a good thing.

GAMES WEEK 2 - July 1991

Bad atheism joke.

GAMES WEEK 3 - July 1991

Settling into a routine.

GAMES WEEK 4 - July 1991

First recorded Hitler reference.

GAMES WEEK 5 - July 1991

Still not sure if Jerry Sadowitz spells his name with a 'G' or 'J'. He seems confused about it too. I wonder what his actual name is. Surely not "Jeremy"?

GAMES WEEK 6 - July 1991

First "postman" joke.

GAMES WEEK 7 - August 1991

First innumeracy joke.

GAMES WEEK 8 - August 1991

Bit early for retro, isn't it?

GAMES WEEK 9 - August 1991

What's your favourite planet in the Solar System (except Mars)?

GAMES WEEK 10 - August 1991

Strange But False.

GAMES WEEK 11 - September 1991

Putting the boot into Magic Pockets again.

GAMES WEEK 12 - September 1991

Power, corruption and lies.

GAMES WEEK 13 - September 1991

First stolen Halo Jones reference. Surprised I held out so long.

GAMES WEEK 14 - September 1991

Really must finish that Barbara Cartland joke sometime.

GAMES WEEK 15 - October 1991

Wonder what I had against Timothy Dalton?

GAMES WEEK 16 - October 1991

At this point, paying my outrageous fees finally proved too much of a strain on NCE's budget, and the magazine closed down.