Short-lived web-magazine weekly colum from the enormous TransWorld conglomerate. The column disappeared shortly after 9/11, when collapsing ad revenues forced many publications to slash their budgets, and the entire "NOW Gamer" gaming section was closed down shortly afterwards. The pan-Europe nature of the audience made for a few quirks in the writing style.


HARD WIRED 1 - 2 October 2001

Why fun is better than work, and (not unrelatedly) why Shenmue is better than Final Fantasy.

HARD WIRED 2 - 9 October 2001

Why having a few games is better than having a great big bunch of games.

HARD WIRED 3 - 16 October 2001

Why the Xbox (unreleased at this point) was bound to fail.

HARD WIRED 4 - 23 October 2001

Why I was looking forward to becoming a grumpy old man.

HARD WIRED 5 - 30 October 2001

Why videogames are the new health clubs.

HARD WIRED 6 - 6 November 2001

Why games aren't art, and why the nearest one to it isn't the one you'd think.

HARD WIRED 7 - 13 November 2001

Why games consoles shouldn't be released in Europe at all.

HARD WIRED 8 - 20 November 2001

Why writing a videogame is a lot like masturbation. Apparently.

HARD WIRED 9 - 27 November 2001

Why rally navigators are the world's hardest people.

HARD WIRED 10 - 4 December 2001

Why you shouldn't necessarily throw out that knackered old stereo. (PS The point of this column, for the many people who didn't quite spot it, was to draw attention to the cynical built-in five-year obsolescence of expensive games hardware, compared to a decent stereo that'll easily last you a decade or two.)

HARD WIRED 11 - 11 December 2001

Why the classic "column as dialogue" routine will never die.

HARD WIRED 12 - 18 December 2001

Why it would be good if the entire games industry went bust.

HARD WIRED 13 - 25 December 2001

Why it's occasionally nice to be right.

HARD WIRED 14 - 2 January 2002

Why the previous week's column ends halfway through.

HARD WIRED 15 - 9 January 2002

Why I was fast running out of people to work for at the start of 2002.