Random bits and bobs

Tomy's attempts to cash in on the arcade boom

A rare box shot of one of the three Smurfs games

An even-rarer picture of the back of some game boxes, showing the instructions, and including a Smurf game.

Magazine advert for Steeplechase
Magazine advert for Pitfall
Magazine advert for Rat-a-Tat
Magazine advert for Rebound
Magazine advert for Rock'n'Roll giveaway promotion

These advertisements reveal why it's now so hard to find mint-condition Pocketeers complete with their boxes - Palitoy encouraged customers to rip the boxes to pieces in order to obtain proofs of purchase for free badges or even free Pocketeers.

Magazine advert for Big Match
Magazine advert for Casino/Letterbox

These ads, semi-interestingly, feature the two games which Palitoy rather oddly relaunched under different titles - Big Match (formerly World Cup) and Casino (previously Poker).

Catalogue scan for some of the US releases
Magazine advert for the US series

The US games show, I think, just how much the UK Pocketeers branding and packaging added. The Pocket Games versions are just games. Pocketeers actually take you into a whole populated universe.

Picture of some "Pocketmates", a later UK rebranding of some of the games in the series

Some Argentinian versions

A lovely shot of a mint-condition boxed Cup Final

And a mint boxed Rebound

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