Lord Stuart and Sir Jonathan bid you effusive welcome to the Gentlemen's MAME Parlour. The Gentlemen's MAME Parlour is an edifice dedicated to the honourable participation in Competition of gentlemen wishing to undertake a more sporting and Corinthian approach than that endured by the proletarian Masses to the enjoyment of taxing visual pastimes, such as and specifically those so admirably render'd in Prince Mirko and the Earl of Salmoria's Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

Where the proletarian Player may glory in the cheap and crude display of prowess delivered by brutish Stamina, unseemly Force and the memorising of Patterns, the Gentleman instead seeks more refined accomplishments, in the true and honourable name of Sport.

The numerous oak-panelled gaming rooms of the Parlour bear witness to sterling displays of notable achievement under the strictest Conditions imposed by the Parlour Committee.

Patronage of The Gentlemen's MAME Parlour by all right-thinking gentlemen is warmly invited.

Gentlemen wishing to be acclaimed in the books of record of the Parlour, which are further denoted as the Annals of Remarkably Splendid Endeavours, should submit their application accompanied by Official Documentation (full details will be supplied as appropriate).

Where necessary, a gentleman's submission for inclusion in the Annals of Remarkably Splendid Endeavours shall further be supported by pictorial Evidence.

Irrespective of empirical Evidence, a gentleman's Word is his bond. Any gentleman reasonably believed to have deliberately indulged in the mortal sin of Fabrication shall be dishonourably banished forthwith and forever from the environs of the Parlour.

Lord Stuart and Sir Jonathan, Custodians of the Parlour


1. The gentleman does not rely on superior or supplementary weaponry.
2. The gentleman kills only in retaliation.
3. The gentleman serves the public Trust.
4. The gentleman shall not permit the suffering of the Innocent.
5. The gentleman bids Justice prevail.
6. The gentleman uses only the powers provided to him by Almighty God.
7. The gentleman does not waver from the Path of Righteousness.
8. The gentleman upholds the spirit of Sportsmanship at all times.
9. The gentleman shall unfailingly conduct himself with Dignity and Decorum.

Perambulate upon the Hall Of Entry


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gentlemen have rested within the portals of the Parlour.

The most recent meeting of the Parlour Committee was convened on the 31st Day of December 1997.