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"Stuart Campbell is the country’s top authority on computer and video games."
- Wired

"Britain's best games journalist"
Need To Know

"Has forgotten more about computer and video games than most of us will ever know." - PC Gamer

"The most feared software hatchet man in the business." - X-Gen

"A proper videogame journalist (y'know, investigating and reporting pertinent issues rather than lazily regurgitating press releases like some fat has-beens)."
- P2 magazine

"Games reviewing’s own cross between Barry Norman and Vinnie Jones."
- Amiga Format

"Videogames journalism's answer to Al-Qaeda"  – Eurogamer

"[Someone] whose mission is to make game designers want to slit their wrists rather than ever design a game ever again."
- Jeff Minter, Llamasoft

"Despicable... universally hated by the games industry."
- Jeremy "Jez" San OBE, Argonaut

"So good, even that b*st*rd Stuart Campbell likes it" - publishers Renegade, proving the point in an advert for their game "The Chaos Engine" in now-defunct trade newspaper CTW.


Stuart first entered the world of videogaming in 1977, when he won a home Pong console in a competition he didn't enter, held in a town he hadn't visited.

Stuart was the UK's National Videogames Champion in 1988 (having previously won the Scottish title the same year), and a member of the UK's winning European Videogame Championship team in Paris in 1990. He subsequently retired from competition undefeated, to give everyone else a chance.

In addition to his journalistic career, Stuart was Development Manager at Sensible Software during 1994 and 1995, overseeing the development of the chart-topping games Cannon Fodder 2 (also designing most of its levels) and Sensible World Of Soccer. In addition he's created many original freeware games, of which the one he's most proud of is The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle Pinball.

Stuart owns close to 40,000 video games.

Stuart lives inside a videogame (his home is located in a street immortalised in a classic 1984 Spectrum title), together with his pet rats Lola, Leela, Lily and Lulu.