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A weekly music magazine. Always in the shadow of the NME, it attempted to carve out a niche by relaunching itself in the late 1990s as a Smash Hits-style tabloid-sized glossy. The relaunch was partly successful, and sales improved slightly, but the editorial quality fell away dramatically towards the end of 2000 and in December of that year the magazine was absorbed into its long-time rival.



I've added this Melody Maker section to WoS for mostly nostalgic reasons, since the once-loved mag has now disappeared for ever, without my ever actually working for it.   But this letter, bemoaning the frankly shocking organisation and conditions at the 1998 Glastonbury Festival (the first one I'd ever attended), won the Letter Of The Week prize (a 20 music token which I spent on an ace The Jam box set reduced in the HMV sale), so I did get paid for it after a fashion, so it counts. It was cut quite a lot for publication, but the essence remained.