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Promising new Playstation 2 magazine which sadly didn't make it past issue 4, which makes column 5 (below) something of a collector's item. You're so lucky.


TRUE CONFESSIONS 1 - November 2000

An opinion column. About how great the Dreamcast is. What am I, stupid or something?

TRUE CONFESSIONS 2 - December 2000

Even at this early stage in the PS2's life, there was a desperate shortage of interesting things to talk about.

TRUE CONFESSIONS 3 - January 2001

Cheering PS2 owners up by pointing out that the Xbox was even uglier.

TRUE CONFESSIONS 4 - February 2001

Sega decide to release PS2 software, in a move which delighted still-desperate columnists everywhere.


Still waiting for the PS2 price cut. (Indeed, at the time of writing the column, I was still waiting for a PS2.)