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Purchasing goods or services? But feel bad about rampant Western-world consumption? Then why not slow the rise of corporate globalisation by diverting some of the money away from huge multinational retailers and into the coffers of WoS, where you can almost guarantee that it won't be spent on oppressing the poor or curtailing the ever-threatened liberties of the masses? Rebel against conformism - visit the WoS Shoparama!

Play-Asia.com - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!      Worlds Leading Supplier   

Click on any of the links on this page, and anything you buy from that site will earn WoS - at absolutely no extra cost to you - a small commission, which will almost certainly be spent on exciting things that you'll then get to read about. And on subverting the international capitalist military-industrial complex, natch. (All of these are, obviously, retailers/sites that I use personally on a fairly regular basis, and can, within reason, vouch for the reliability and general excellence of. I buy stuff from DealExtreme most months.)

Just click the logos to visit the sites and start shopping, secure in the knowledge that anything you buy will automatically (you don't have to enter any referral codes or anything like that, just make sure that you start each shopping session by entering the site through the WoS links) have a fraction of its price siphoned away from the evil megacorp, helping to save all of civilisation.


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