Dear whoever,

I've tried to be reasonable and neighbourly about what looks like being months of constant noise, mess and disruption around your house, but it's now getting absurd. The need for lengthy building work obviously can't be helped and those of us trying to work from home in rooms just a few yards away from the hammering and banging and grinding will just have to buy some earplugs, but the armada of vans of varying purposes now clogging the area around the garages is finally beyond a joke.

As a result of trying to navigate past no fewer than FOUR of them parked - illegally - there this afternoon (as well as all the legitimate occupants) to get into my already-narrow garage at an impossible angle with no room to manoeuvre a better one, I now have a large gouge along the expensive two-months-old paintwork of my car. If this situation continues, the perpetrators will find their vehicles towed away in accordance with the warning sign clearly posted at the entrance to the parking area. I appreciate that parking is difficult around here and that there may be heavy tools to carry, and I've tried to be understanding this far, but it's ultimately not my problem and my patience is now exhausted. The odd van occasionally is one thing, but this afternoon's ridiculous obstacle course was just taking the piss, and I'm not putting up with having my car damaged again for the sake of your home improvements.


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