Gaming Room No.15


Applicable laws: (1), (8)

The gentleman shall be possessed of Versatility. To demonstrate this trait, he shall undertake his mission using only one of his two methods of attack during any given Stage. The gentleman may select his weapon for each Stage at his own discretion, but the Committee firmly recommends the following sequence for the mission's five Stages (the "Base" being counted for this purpose as part of the fifth Stage): Laser, Bombs, Bombs, Bombs, Laser. (The boundaries of a Stage being defined by both the indicator atop the screen and the change in plumage applied to the Scenery).


1st 26,430 Lord Stuart

2nd 22,090 Douglas Bader

3rd 20,980 Tom Cruise

4th 17,920 George Raft

5th 12,430 Isaac Hayes

Documentation which is Required: Recorded failure, as shown above

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