Gaming Room No.24


Applicable laws: (4), (6), (7)

The endangerment of rare Creatures is as often an economic as a natural issue. To safeguard the survival of a species requires Financial as well as Environmental support, and also the teaching of the principles of Self-Sufficiency. The gentleman must, then, balance the rescuing of the kidnapped infant Kangaroo against the need to ensure its continued independent survival, by collecting a stockpile of Fruit which may be eaten or traded in the Future. The gentleman's score shall be the highest one recorded upon the Salvation of the Joey at the end of the first Stage (including the Bonus score, which is added moments after Rescue). Failure to complete this task renders the Challenge invalid.


1st 8,900 Lord Stuart

2nd 6,800 Rolf Harris

3rd 6,900 Kylie Minogue

4th 5,100 Dame Edna Everage

5th 2,000 Max Boyce

Documentation which is Required: Post-rescue accounts, as seen above.

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