2 April 2006


Thanks to an alert WoS Forum viewer, we can in fact now bring you a guide to the exact value of black holes. The points scored by destroying a hole appear to be calculated according to the following formula:

s = 150+5(n(n+1)/2)

Where n is the number of enemies trapped in the hole. Obviously, trying to make sense of this formula in one's head will tend to make one's brain hurt, so here's a handy table showing the exponential increase in values as you trap more baddies.

1 enemy = 155 points
10 enemies = 425 points
50 enemies = 6,525 points
100 enemies = 25,400 points
200 enemies = 100,650 points
300 enemies = 225,900 points
400 enemies = 401,150 points
500 enemies = 626,400 points
1,000 enemies = 2,502,650 points

As you can see, the rewards from hole-farming are potentially vast, both in the relatively sedate early stages (when the holes are easy to manage) and later on (when multi-star systems are needed to swallow the huge waves of enemies without exploding instantly). And if your nerve and skill can hold all the way up to 1000 enemies, you deserve every last one of those two-and-a-half million points.

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