The first known recording of Ghost Channel 86 was a 60-minute unedited capture of the "live" broadcast, made by an unidentified private citizen. It was released on a small website with a limited readership, but was then immediately subjected to a government banning order, and the citizen disappeared without trace. Since then, the only clips of the channel made available to the public have been those with official sanction which have passed security-service scrutiny.

Copies of the first tape, however, were circulated among a tiny underground network, and although possession is a Grade 2 offence under the Terrorism Act, the files are still covertly distributed to a trusted few. If you've found this website, you may be among that few. If so, you can download the original unedited recording either as a 799MB AVI file, or a 279MB MP4 version suitable for portable media players such as the iPod/iPhone. If you are not trusted, clicking the link will result in an error message.