An easy-to-use guide to being a bit less stupid.

Arguing on the internet is a lot of fun. Everybody knows that. But when you've been doing it for a while, it can get boring, because people keep coming up with arguments that were dealt with at length the LAST time you had this debate, and you have to keep repeating yourself, which makes you irritable and cranky, and next thing you know, a perfectly intelligent debate has turned into just another boring flame war with everybody calling everybody else a stupid cunt.

Here at Friendly Help For Fucking Idiots, we'd like to do something to promote greater human understanding and intellectual advancement on the internet, by impartially saving everyone a lot of time, typing and unnecessary shouting and namecalling. We achieve this with the truth.

Here we'll present the simple truths about commonly-debated issues, which can be conveniently linked to in a single line, instantly and cordially informing your idiot opponent of the FACTS of the matter without any need to imply that their mother sucks sailor's cocks for pennies. If their mother's moral rectitude needs to be impugned, we'll do it for you, leaving your hands clean, the moral high ground retained, and your debate unsullied. And all for free. Now that's friendly.


No.1 -  "
Piracy/copyright infringement is the same as stealing!"

No.2 - "Banning smoking in public places is an infringement of civil liberty!"

No.3 - "The first person to mention Hitler in a debate automatically loses!"

No.4 - "Coming soon"