Dear Reverend Campbell

I am responding in respect of the concerns about some AWP gaming machines raised by the Fairplay campaign.

The Board and BACTA have considered the issues raised by the Fairplay campaign and have only identified one area of potential concern. This is the existence of features on machines which offer the player a choice (such as ‘gamble’ or ‘choose Hi/Lo’) in circumstances in which the player may have no chance of success if they decide to proceed.

There is nothing in gaming legislation to prevent such features, these are ‘amusement with prizes’ (AWP) machines with low maximum stakes and prizes and thus they are not subject to the same stringent requirements as for instance casino games where there are no limits on stakes and prizes.

Nonetheless the Board and BACTA have agreed that, in the interests of transparency, where such features exist on a machine the player should be made aware by means of a notice on the machine. In other cases, the Board and BACTA have agreed limits on the amounts by which machines may reduce the probability of success.

I hope this explains the position.

Cliff Young

Gaming Board for Great Britain

31st March 2004

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