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  • 2010 Campaign is for the fairer user participation of online gambling, internet gambling and casino gambling
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All new for 2010

Is there such a thing as a guaranteed win win situation. Probably not but out of fairness we present the case

"Discover the multi-million pound betting market cock-ups that could earn you tax free betting profits this year. Our man on the inside, Mr X, can show you how.

"A revolution is sweeping through the betting industry. With the introduction of tax-free betting and the rise of internet bookies competition is now so fierce that something quite extraordinary is happening.

"The bookmakers are making catastrophic errors... crucial mistakes in the odds they set. Errors that put thousands of pounds - which would normally go to the bookies - straight in the hands of those who know where to spot them.

"And that's where I come in. I'm a genuine odds compiler. I will spot these errors and alert you to them - all you have to do is pick up easy and exciting tax free profits.

"As recently as 29th February "Insiders" won an astounding 1,400% on the Carling Cup Final from an unbelievable bookmaking howler. And this was by no means a one-off. Click below now to discover how you can join me in making massive profits from bookies' errors RISK-FREE for three-months." - Mr X"

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