You might not think it, but you are. We all are. Whether by design, or unwittingly, whether by doing things we've done all our lives and which didn't used to be illegal, or even by simply exercising rights which are explicitly granted to us in law, almost every person currently alive in the Western world is a criminal.

Not sure? Take our simple test.


- Copied a music CD (or even a single song) for a friend?

- Taped a movie off the TV and watched it more than once?

- Made a backup of a piece of expensive computer software you've just bought, in case the disc gets damaged?

- Recorded a song off the radio?

- Gone to the bathroom more than once during the commercial breaks in a TV show?

If you can answer "Yes" to even one of the questions above then we're afraid, dear reader, that you are a criminal. You're a criminal in the eyes of the leisure industry - the people you've just paid handsomely for the items mentioned above - but more importantly, thanks to the leisure industry's tireless lobbying of gullible politicians, you're a criminal in the eyes of the law too. You are open to prosecution, conviction and some pretty severe punishments - and what's more, you're increasingly likely to suffer them.

At no time in history have consumers ever found themselves the subject of such determined, concerted attacks by the huge corporations which sell "intellectual property" - that is, movies, records, games and most other forms of entertainment culture. Civil rights which were hard won and which have existed for decades are being eroded on a daily basis by unjust, badly-conceived, self-contradictory laws passed at the behest of companies who want to use the law to generate profits that they can't achieve by persuading consumers to buy their products.

In doing so, the governments of the Western nations have criminalised practically the entire populations of their countries. At FairPlay, we think any law that criminalises a whole population (and contradicts itself while doing it) is by definition a bad law.

We're sick of honest consumers being treated as criminals. It's time someone did something to stop it.

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