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Babel Media - QA, Localisation, Translation, Design and Testing for the Video Games Industry
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Babel designs and implements highly client-specific online marketing campaigns. All campaigns are specialised and can be integrated with other services such as web design. This allows for a high degree of measurability as site statistics are constantly monitored.

Online marketing can take a variety of forms, depending on the type of product being promoted. As multilingual experts, we employ a team of native 'guerrillas' to infiltrate forums and message boards in selected territories. Specific site administrators can also be contacted to run competitions in return for exclusive and inside information on a product.

We also encourage users to promote a product in return for fan merchandise. The more users they sign up for the project and the more 'missions' they accomplish, the more prizes they win. This ensures a deeper penetration into public awareness, as well as useful email lists for future campaigns. This effectively expands the audience to people beyond core fans.

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